Peace – Love – Truth – Music – Relaxation – Flavor – ‘Tilia’

Tilia - Linden Hills

The Tilia restaurant is located in the Linden Hills neighborhood. Tilia is latin for the genus of the Linden Tree, the tree the neighborhood is named after. Both the restaurant and the neighborhood are appropriately named, as the famous tree with heart-shaped leaves is the mascot of sorts in the community.

Tilia has four passionate people working to keep the menu fresh, the food delicious, and the patrons rolling in. This team holds to these ideals, as stated on their website: “Peace. Love. Truth. Music. Relaxation. Flavor.”

Their website also states the obvious, “Good Food Tastes Good.” This formula has clearly worked for Tilia, as they also have a section on their website showcasing the accolades they have accumulated over the years, including glowing reviews from food critics, Reader’s Choice awards for Best Restaurant in Linden Hills, and so much more.

Tilia - Minneapolis - Menu Options

There are plenty of different menus to choose from. There is a children’s menu, a lunch and dinner menu, a brunch menu, and an in-between menu. All these menus have familiar dishes with a bit of flare added to them. And the best part about the options are the reasonable prices.

This beloved restaurant didn’t gain such a faithful customer base overnight, they did so with great food offerings and holding to their ideals of, “Peace. Love. Truth. Music. Relaxation. Flavor.”

For more information about Tilia, visit their gorgeous website.

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